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TF 135 project car gets tinkered with..

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TF 135 project car gets tinkered with..

Post  Matt Parker on 26/2/2014, 6:31 am

gidday all, I know I've been away for a while (busy working away on the house) but I've been missing doing things with the cars and I know I should be concentrating on the current unfinished projects if I do anything car related but I couldn't help myself and had to tinker on the 135  Embarassed  Smile 

anyway the other night after work I was in the mood to play so the first stage (this year, as I know I've already done the wheels and suspension) was undertaken by fitting some nice shiny brand new 4 pots to improve the braking. With the handling and stopping already upgraded the second stage of the year was something to be a "Mark-ed" improvement, Z and F remap was installed the other night with the common burble-pop as I thought I'd see what all the fuss was about, anyhoo it goes sooo much better now, much sweeter and smoother allowing me to basically drive around everywhere using just 5th gear  Very Happy 

Now, I've come into the third stage of the year for the TF and that requires some assistance, its nice having the burble-pop feature on the car now but with a completely standard exhaust it doesn't sound that great, so it needs upgrading. As I will be changing things on this project car at a later date I'm not wanting to spend out on a brand new exhaust for it(also I need to be spending on the house not the cars lol) so if anyone knows of an after market(performance) box that is in usable condition, can be dented or damaged, mk1 or mk2, then I would be grateful to know. (I've been out bidded on several on ebay lately before anyone says)

cheers  Very Happy 


Matt Parker
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