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Need Pricing Help

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Need Pricing Help

Post  Sambomonkee on 14/6/2013, 1:55 am

I'm seriously thinking of getting the TT215 F, the guy said I can PX the ZS in with it and take the car for 3k.

Whats your thoughts on that, there's no real provenance on it other that it really has got a sorted engine (and rare only 4 F had it done, doubt many left), a lot of work has been put into it, and its not the crappy MPI one that blew up a lot, its the sorted VVC version.

Its currently running 190bhp, but can be put up to the correct 215, or a safe 230bhp according to Dave Walker at Emerald, I have emailed him to confirm that and price to remap it.

Should I try and blag in that factor as well, or do you think its still over priced for what it is.

Thoughts needed, is it just to risky in terms of reliability??

It would look good next to the panther, and be a right sleeper car.
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Re: Need Pricing Help

Post  Matt Parker on 14/6/2013, 8:32 am

Over priced I would say. If you going to be spending more than £3k on an engine I would put that into a newly built one that you commision yourself that way you know exactly what it is, and any issues you will have a warrentee.

A friend had a TT mpi F, converted to VVC with a large valve head, ported, piper exhaust cam and put the engine into his Metro, it blew up the charger, then had it rebuilt and then it went again whilst in europe. It eventually produced 230bhp but with a dying charger. Point is you can have the power but with a used engine the reliability may not be there and your have to fork out on repairs, whereas on a new build you will get a warrentee on all or most of the parts in the event of a failure so it saves money.


Matt Parker
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Re: Need Pricing Help

Post  Sambomonkee on 14/6/2013, 4:46 pm

Its not just engine, it has suspension mods plus bilston brakes.   On reliability the tt kit has been in the car for many years and properly looked after,  so not sure thats a valid argument,  tt did the work themselves and got emerald to map it .  But i think i would like another 500 off it.
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Re: Need Pricing Help

Post  Matt Parker on 15/6/2013, 7:10 am

My bad (heads little preoccupied lately) was thinking price was just for engine setup not complete car so in that respect it s good deal as you get everything else on the car Smile

Yes always nice to get more off it if you can.

Is this the red F that was on ebay for sale for £2,6k?


Matt Parker
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Re: Need Pricing Help

Post  Sambomonkee on 15/6/2013, 7:13 am

No, that was just an mpi and knackered.   This one is a good one.  Look on pistonheads under track legal cars. 

EDIT    offer in lets see what happens.
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Re: Need Pricing Help

Post  Sambomonkee on 15/6/2013, 8:21 am

For sale is my very rare Turbo Technics supercharged MGF VVC. Spec is as follows:
One of the first enhancements by the original owner was to send the car off to Turbo Technics for the installation of their TT215 engine conversion.
This consisted of :
the engine being stripped and installed with Turbo Technics own specification of pistons and con-rods, 
Turbo Technics own RoTTrex centrifugal supercharger, 
Custom alloy induction system, incorporating an intercooler 
Front mounted radiator for the intercooler 
Circulation pump for the intercooler coolant 
Front mounted air / oil cooler 
Stainless Steel braided pipes for Intercooler circulation lines and oil cooler lines
TT made four different versions of the TT conversion: 
the TT190 and TT230 which were for the standard K16 engine 
the TT215 for the VVC engine - as fitted to T495 CFG 
the TT260 for the VHPD engine

These conversions were poplar among Lotus owners but very rare on MGFs (1 of 4 I believe) probably due to cost! Details here: http://www.turbotechnics.com/cars/TT215.htm

Since then the car has been owned by MG enthusiasts who have carried on improving and developing the car with the following:
New competition spec coolant circulation pump for Intercooler / radiator 
Recently refurbished Supercharger 
Larger injectors as recommended and supplied by Emerald to enable the correct sequential injection for the VVC engine as opposed to the original batched injection of the original TT215 conversion. 
New Spark Plugs of correct grade for S/C installation. 
Emerald K3 ECU 
Custom map for the car carried out by Dave Walker of Emerald 
Mike Satur performance enclosed induction assembly 
New twin coil pack 
New HT Ignition leads 
4 into 1 large bore stainless steel exhaust manifold and link pipe for increased mid-range torque and top end power on the supercharged engine. 
Lotus Sport flexi decat pipe (very rare), have brand new Janspeed Sports CAT for MOT
Performance exhaust back-box / silencer with twin round chrome tail pipes 
Always run on the correct grade Shell Helix oil as specified by Turbo Technics

Apart from the supercharged engine, this MGF also has several other modification / improvements and changes over a standard VVC MGF :
Suspension :
- Compliance washers fitted to suspension
- Lowering knuckles fitted to all four hydrolastic suspension units
- Tech Speed custom shock absorbers manufactured by Bilstein all round.

- HiSpec Billet 4 pot front brake callipers
- Rear brake callipers are standard MGF VVC
- EBC green stuff pads

Interior :
- Mike Satur Roll Hoops - top of the range version, with chrome hoops, black mesh inserts, smoked glass insert between the chrome hoops and BRG coloured coded leather headrest pads.
- British Racing Green and black leather seats, door cards and steering wheel from the later spec TF
- BRG handbrake gaiter
- Later colour coded door cards include the later speakers and tweeters in the doors
- Sony head unit
- 10 CD Auto-changer fitted in the boot
- Later type speakers fitted behind the seats/headrests
- Later style switch gear
- Later style dash surrounds and trims
- Electric windows
- Electrically operated and heated mirrors
- Genuine OEM interior floor mats
- Custom badges

- 16 inch diameter 6 spoke wheels fitted with Falken 215/40/16 tyres loads of tread left
- Clear indicator lenses
- Paintwork is extremely good with Pearl effect from the original finish and shines up like new
- Roof is in very good condition - black, no leaks, no damage and a very clear rear window
- Genuine OEM mud flaps with MG logo's

Other info :
The car has only done 66k miles from new.
Taxed until 31st January 2014
MOT Oct 2013

Car is currently mapped for road use and drivabilty on 95 RON fuel and has approx 190bhp and 160 lb ft of torque with printout, the K3 Emerald ECU can store up to 3 maps though and I have a switch so a 2nd map could be set up, with more aggressive mapping and higher RON fuel 230bhp can be obtained.
Turbo Technics no longer support the supercharger conversion but Hangar 111 have brought the rights and now offer full parts and support backup:http://www.hangar111.com/turbo-technics-elise-exig...

Honest Bad points:
-Supercharger belt slipped slightly and has worn on one edge, have 2 new belts to go with car, car still drives fine but belt will need changing at some point (will get this done soon)
-Car is in very good condition for age but is not perfect has a dent in the bottom of one of the sills, very small dent in passengers side wing (hardly noticeable) and a small amount of bubbling around the indicator on the drivers side wing, dented the bottom of the mainfolds on a speed bump
-Car is mostly used for MG on track days and is very low so not great for driving on badly maintained roads

I have owned the car since Dec 2011 but the following has been done in my ownership:
-New alternator and supercharger pulleys rebuilt 
-New regulator for passengers window
-Purchased a good condition black hardtop which is included in sale
-In Nov 2012 EMGC checked over the car and replaced all worn items work carried out included: New radiator and stainless steel coolant pipes, extra radiator fan wired to switch in the car, low level coolant alarm, Engine oil and filter, fuel filter and coolant. Total bill of £1156

Car is always kept in a garage.

Hard to put a value on such a rare car I paid £4000 for it in December 2011 but have spent nearly £2000 on it since then so I would be looking for £4000 no offers. Am not in a rush to sell.

Reason for sale is at 6ft 1 I have found it hard to find a totally comfy driving position!(steering wheel is non adjustable)  also fancy a ZS 180 again.
Have a  folder full of the history of the car and bills etc.
Really does handle and go well have some footage of it on track:

I will not break such a rare car for parts and will only sell as a complete car. More photos available on request. Thanks for reading.
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Re: Need Pricing Help

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