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Lean Fuel Trim

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Lean Fuel Trim

Post  Sambomonkee on 14/4/2013, 4:09 am

I'll start a new thread for this

Basically I have checked for leaks every where, cannot find any.
Replaced the fuel filter
Sorted the blow from the exhaust
Check the idle valve appears to be working fine.,
The manifold pressure seems to register properly.

Still the fuel trim is 25% lean, disconnecting the lambda, makes the car run smooth but I guess its in default mode, which hints I suppose that if it runs fine without using the lambda and as soon as that plugged in it runs lumpy, is that the lambda is returning a false reading ??

All I can think that is left

Leaky inlet manifold (there is more steam from the exhaust than I would like)
Or a faulty lambda (ps, whats the best tool to remove them)

I don't think its coil packs or leads, as its not really misfiring.

Changing the inlet is cheap, but I don't want to start guessing and replacing lambdas (I can get generic lamda which needs soldering for 25 pounds but a rover one is about 60) and coil packs without some kind of way of isolating it a bit more.

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Re: Lean Fuel Trim

Post  Sambomonkee on 15/4/2013, 2:47 am

Inlet gasket was leaking, whilst there i flushed and back flushed the system.

Am i right in saying this could cause the bad running and also kill the lambda?
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