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I have been busy

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I have been busy

Post  Sambomonkee on 5/9/2012, 11:21 pm

Well, I have been busy, the reason I have not been on here much lately.

So, I have the Tomcat turbo FDH, and have started to go over it, I have began the job of removing the turbo, and have a replacement one for it to go on.

I have found that the front brakes are shot, with what looks like a stuck caliper, so that will also need to be done as well. Thats pretty much all have done with it since buying it.

The TF has now developed a sticky starter motor, so I need to get around to replacing that, it would not start in the car park at Silverstone, with a load of F40 all around it, oh the shame!

The ZS, has now had a brand new lightened flywheel, (god it revs quick now), new AP clutch and bearing, new gearbox, new track rod end and lower ball joints, new long life exhaust, new sheddist clutch kit all done my myself on my own, putting the gearbox back on my tod was fun!

I finally got to test drive it again after 8 months of not going anywhere, and god its quick, and the long life exhaust is brilliant, its silent most of the time until you open it up and then V6 noise burbles out, hmmm nice.

Just waiting to tax it and its back on the road with my confidence back intact with it. Still a couple of issues to to sort out.

Need to just reconnect the aircon pipe and re-gas it.
Minor oil leak on the oil filter connection
Oil leak on the front bank, maybe cam cover or cam carrier, this is next on the list.
Very minor if at all leak from the oil cooler (water - its never dropped in 8 months).
Rattly heat shield on the flexi pipe (probably moved it when I was messing with the gear linkage and stabilizer)

So from when I bought it and all the problems I had with it, its nearly there now, only 9 months in the going. Glad I never sold it now Smile

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Re: I have been busy

Post  Lee121 on 7/9/2012, 3:57 am

Shocked .....when do you have the time!!!!!!!

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