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Only rover would do this..

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Only rover would do this..

Post  Sambomonkee on 30/4/2012, 3:38 am

... I managed to source a complete alcantara interior for the ZT this week, got it nice and cheap. Thought it would be a straight swap and take about an hour, got the rear sorted in 30 minutes, got the fronts out (found out why the airbag light was on, the connector was not connected, doh!). Go to put the new seats in to find that rover in all their wisdom, changed the connectors to small ones on the MK2, and I now have Mk1 Seats, ggrrrrr.

So managed to swap the pre-tensioners over, which solved one of the connectors problems (had to cut one bolt off!!), but for the other I can to cut the connectors off, swap them around and solder them back up again.

So an easy job turned into 3 hours of work, but hay, they look bloody cool in the car now. Smile
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