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Smudge is back!

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Smudge is back!

Post  Rich on 2/2/2012, 8:51 pm

After a jolly trip up to Matt's workshop, Smudge was given a nice new MoT yesterday. I then treated him to a tax disc and that was it. Back in business and fully legal (I sorted the insurance last week with Adrian Flux... £280 with mods listed!).

Kate's Rover 25 had been great to drive for the last six months but seeing Smudge sat on the driveway not being used was breaking my heart and after all the work that had been done on him, he deserved to be back on the road as soon as pennies allowed. Now I'm back behind his wheel, I've remembered what all that money spent was for. On the way up to see Matt, we found the first 'victim'... A Honda Accord Tourer which though he owned the road. Smudge doesn't like pigheaded people like that so put him in his place with ease. Bearing in mind he's been stood idle for months, there was a short period of getting the clutch and brakes back to full effectiveness but it really didn't take long. The handling wasn't quite as crisp as it had been and this was a result of different air pressures in each tyre. Matt put that right and on the way home, the handling was restored and proven when outmanouvering a Merc that had taken a liking to Smudge's butt.

Final word? It's great to have Smudge back... The ideal stablemate for TC! The only drawback? Practicality. Smudge isn't too bad on fuel but costs more to insure that TC and the tax is only slightly cheaper. But unless somebody makes an offer to give smudge a good home and at the right price, he ain't going nowhere without me behind the wheel! And who knows, I might just be tempted to have a word in Mark's (Z&F) shell-like...
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Re: Smudge is back!

Post  Lee121 on 3/2/2012, 4:17 am

Well done Rich!!!!......an Matt Laughing

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